Artist Statement

Finding pleasure and desire in the sense of discovery.

Through objects and installations, I seek to seduce and confuse.

In my practice, the feeling of surprise works as a trigger to motivate my research. Where translation works as a filtering itself to mediate, understand and question what I see.

Like water and light, the image is something that is flexible and does not have a frame or a shape.

While contouring the spaces that are given, I explore the boundaries of the image as a material itself.

I look to question our relationship to how we experience and understand what we are seeing, our depth of feeling.

I deeply believe that surfaces work as supportive skins carrying intentions and messages that are often encrypted.

My use of color is a reflection of growing up in a world with screens, and the tone of my speech is a raging RGB.

I work in a fast, accelerated, and mechanical way, allowing me to surrender to the process without the prejudice of reason.

The tension created by having to squint my eyes to understand what is happening, a push in and push back in figuring out.

Through different mediums such as photography, print-media, collage and digital projection I cut out, reassemble, and condense pieces of my reality.

By compressing gestures, messages, and secrets onto flat, translucent, and light surfaces, I honor broken surfaces that speak to the passage of time and the memory of an action.

Thinking of retina as a surface and surface as a retina that records images of imprinted memories I blow up the hidden based on tracking memories of the external urban world.

Having been born in France, grew up in Argentina and now currently living in the United States my identity has also been shaped by translation and a constant filtering of perception.

Through filters and overlays, I am interested in the spatial sensation of depth in the image. From the flat to 3D I merge analog and digital actions and tools that feedback and overlap, generating a mashup that seeks to artificially develop what I track in the world naturally.

I am drawn to materials that speak about urgency and accessibility, fibers, paper and light, which through superficial layering transformations can raise haptic qualities of a screen defying perception and creating an immersive and physical experience of being absorbed by an image.