MFA Exhibition Work - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - 2022
Site Intervention - Tabloid laser prints and four digital projections

The beginning of the work comes from photographs of broken surfaces taken during a BLM protest in 2020. The object-source works as an archive, witnessing a visceral experience created during this period.

Using both printed and animated layers, the image becomes remixed. Breaking up the space in different ways through being filtered, scaled, and fragmented. The use of photocopies brings to mind urgency and accessibility as well as the relationship to newspapers and how they show fragmented histories. Through filtering the images with a halftone filter, the images have been blown up. They question our relationship to how we experience and understand what we are seeing.

The materiality of the work is the image itself and the interaction within contouring the space. Aiming to create the physical experience of being expelled or even absorbed by it.

Friends and artists activating the space.

Vidrios rotos que brillan como un relámpago from maria burundarena on Vimeo.